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  • 品質
    One-stop operation, from the material into the factory to complete 100% by the self-processing, improve high quality and efficiency.
  • 經驗
    With decades of accumulated experience, the selection of mechanical parts is excellent.
  • 場地
    Covering an area of 1,200 pings, 25 working colleagues, each with their own duties, more than 20 working machines, processing a wide range.
  • 精密
    Precision machining to gantry machining, large parts ranging from screws up to 1.5 meters in diameter and 8 meters in length, with open milling machines for direct machining of large workpieces without space constraints.
  • 品檢
    The product inspection uses 3D bit detectors and infrared multi-point inspection to provide customers with the most accurate dimensional tolerances.
  • 降低成本
    We are highly willing to cooperate with customers to develop spare parts and consumables, which will greatly reduce the future maintenance costs of our customers.
  • 溝通
    Communication is smooth, the window is clear, and customer needs and reviews can be communicated directly.