Rotary Cutter/Ceramic Blade
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Rotary Cutter/Ceramic Blade

Rotary Cutter/Ceramic Blade

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  • Fixed knife stable and wear resistant
  • Fixed knife size is accurate
  • Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidize or corrode
  • Stable at high temperature, dimensional hardness and toughness
  • The friction coefficient is so low that the plastic pellets are protected from damage and scratches.
  • Stress and thermal shock resistance can be stably maintained at high temperatures
  • Repeatable use of weld repair to extend the life of the hob
  • Concentricity, normal use is not easy to crack
  • Continuous cutter life average of 2.5 months, excluding TIO2
  • Quality is deeply recognized by customers: Far East New Century, Nan Ya Plastics, EMS-GRIVORY 、HUALON CORPORATION, China Petrochemical Development Corporation (CPDC)
  • White iron + cobalt based superalloy (STELLITE)
Size Specification Sheet
Number of Tooth 25 30 40 50
Depth of Tooth 11.6 9.2/9.8 8 8
Angle 45degree 45degree 38degree 20degree
Rear Bevel Angle 3 4
Pelletizing hob
200 type/350 type/600 type/900 type
Ceramic Fixed Knife
350L*20W*8T / 305L*20W*8T