Company Profile
Founded in 1950, Dehkai Machinery Co., Ltd. started with the repair and production of pumping motors. With the slow start of the automobile industry, it has to add traditional working machines. For example, turning and milling machines and boring machines are designed for automobile engines. Cylinder and grinding, the first to enter the mechanical processing machinery factory.

With the precision of processing and the spirit of service, the Far East Group Chemical Fiber Factory has a high degree of recognition and development and production of machinery and equipment, components, spare parts and consumables.
The business has expanded to become " Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation (SSFC) ", " Asia Cement Corporation (ACC)  " and " HUALON CORPORATION ". "Taiwan Glass"...etc. The designated maintenance factory of Taiwan's first-class big factory, along with the economic take-off, has to purchase more CNC milling machines, electric discharge machines, flat vertical grinding machines, and set up welding processing machines.

Professional production and persistence, greatly improving quality stability, efficiency and customer satisfaction, backed by decades of processing experience and tempering, with the rise of new generation technology software, professional drawing staff, using AutoCAD, INVENTOR, PRO -E, MASTERCAM... and other advanced software to help customers with high-quality services, such as equipment, but no accurate drawings, honest service, customer first, customer satisfaction, is the spirit of the machine Work hard to expand your global business.

  • 品質
    One-stop operation, from the material into the factory to complete 100% by the self-processing, improve high quality and efficiency.
  • 經驗
    With decades of accumulated experience, the selection of mechanical parts is excellent.
  • 場地
    Covering an area of 1,200 pings, working colleagues, each with their own duties, more than 20 working machines, processing a wide range.
  • 精密
    Precision machining to gantry machining, large parts ranging from screws up to 1.5 meters in diameter and 8 meters in length, with open milling machines for direct machining of large workpieces without space constraints.
  • 品檢
    The product inspection uses 3D bit detectors and infrared multi-point inspection to provide customers with the most accurate dimensional tolerances.
  • 降低成本
    We are highly willing to cooperate with customers to develop spare parts and consumables, which will greatly reduce the future maintenance costs of our customers.
  • 溝通
    Communication is smooth, the window is clear, and customer needs and reviews can be communicated directly.